Perfectly applied, smudge proof, waterproof eyeliner. Skilled permanent application of this beautiful eye enhancer will mean that you will always look put together. Swimming, going to the gym, work...every occasion, your eyeliner will look perfect forever.Upper and lower eyeliner is $399 and will take two sessions. Topical numbing gel is applied to be sure you are comfortable. Your eyes are closed throughout the entire procedure and there is very little irritation or redness after.



Owner​ of Heebee Jeebees and licensed esthetician, Karen is skilled and very experienced in all aspects of permanent makeup. She can create beautiful hair stroke brows, eyeliner that can be subtle or bold, and she can re-shape and re-color lips. She can also repair and freshen up permanent makeup that is no longer stylish or perhaps has been badly applied elsewhere. Scar and stretch mark repigmentation and realistic nipple repigmentation is also one of her skills. Vitiligo repigmentation and "age spot" camouflage can also be done.

*"Came in today with my daughter for matching tattoos. This was her first. While my daughter was getting her tattoo Karen, the owner, was kind and took time to see what she was getting. She had kind words and was encouraging. Everyone was helpful and patient. Thank you for making our experience memorable. "

* " I have been going to Heebee Jeebees tattoo parlor since about 2006. If you're looking for permanent makeup, or semi permanent makeup, done by someone, that you can trust, then Karen at Heebee Jeebees is who you're looking for. Not only is her work excellent, her staff are friendly talented artists. They not only do makeup, they excel in all types of tat work. Drop by and meet Karen and her staff and you'll see what I mean."

​* "Great and talented work. Tattooists are patient and really work with the customer to achieve the best results and customer satisfaction.The place is always clean and hygienic and really strive to adhere to the state health codes.Love getting my work done here. Karen is an absolute sweetheart and is the best tattooist in Colorado in my opinion. I will always come back time and time again.
Thanks Karen and team! Keep up the good work. Much love!"

​*  " I'm a repeat offender at Hebees. Most of my art is by Karen, but everybody in the shop is amazingly talented. They give you what you want, but also tell you what does or doesn't work!"

 5 star reviews about Karen



                      Permanent makeup & Areola repigmentation.

 Vitiligo is a skin pigmentation disorder, whereby the skin loses all or part of its color in patches throughout the face and body. The condition is not harmful, and is permanent. Karen can match skin tone and tattoo the patches of discoloration, allowing the client to be able to go without makeup if she wishes. This lady lost her lip color too, so the "after" picture shows face repigmentation and lip repigmentation. She is wearing only eye makeup in the after pic!

 Permanent eyeliner.


 3D nipple repigmentation.

Beautiful, perfect brows with tiny Microbladed individual hairs applied in the best shape to enhance and frame your eyes.  Always look well groomed with this natural looking and gorgeous technique. Topical numbing gel is applied prior to procedure to ensure a pain free experience.  Brows are $399 and will take two sessions. The first to apply the initial shape and fine hairs, the second, perfecting session will follow a few weeks later to fine tune and perfect the brows.


 Microbladed eyebrows.

After mastectomy and reconstruction, 3D micro pigmentation  is the final step to restoring the natural beauty of your breasts. Areola repigmentation is a skilled application of natural colors to give the appearance of a nipple. The "Illusion of protrusion."  We have a very skilled female artist that performs this procedure, she is a cancer survivor , so you can be assured that your visit will be handled with privacy and dignity. A private room is available too.

Topical lidocaine will be applied to the area so that the procedure is comfortable. Price will depend on how much work is needed to allow the appearance of a protruding nipple.This technique can also  minimize the appearance of scars.

Sometimes the areola can be discolored from breast feeding or scars from an accident. This technique is ideal to re-color or repair the color on the breast. Scar color revision is possible on stretch marks also.